Dispute Handling Process

If we have undertaken a Nationally Coordinated Criminal History Check (NCCHC) and you do not agree with the results, you can contact us to dispute the result.

Elite Screening Australia will accept and escalates all disputes from our customers.

*Customers cannot dispute their result directly with ACIC, all disputes must be raised through Elite Screening Australia.

The applicant can raise a dispute about a nationally coordinated criminal history check result for:

Claim type 1—when NCCHC information released does not belong to them

Claim type 2—when part of the NCCHC information released does not belong to them

Claim type 3—when NCCHC information belongs to them, but the details are inaccurate

Claim type 4—when NCCHC information belongs to them but should not have been released.

To make the dispute:

  1. Check & Review the NCCHC check result
  2. Contact ESA to dispute the NCCHC check result
    Email admin@elitescreeningaustralia.com.au or call our us on (07) 30889694 to request a dispute form
  3. Advise us of any incorrect information in the result
  4. Provide ESA with all information and supporting evidence needed to complete and lodge the ACIC’s Nationally coordinated criminal history check Dispute Form (dispute form).
  5. ESA will fill out the dispute form on your behalf and lodge it with ACIC (Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission)
  6. ACIC forwards the dispute to the relevant police jurisdiction
  7. Police review result
  8. ESA will receive the outcome (successful or unsuccessful) and then you will be notified