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Do you require a Volunteer Police Check for a job application or current employer?

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We offer reduced cost Volunteer Police checks

Elite Screening Australia gives recognition to the valuable contribution that many organizations make to our community through non-for-profit, charitable or volunteer services.

To help our precious volunteers, we offer reduced cost nationally Coordinated Criminal History checks (NCCHC) to assist individuals who work on a volunteer basis.

We are exclusively accredited by the ACIC to provide Volunteer NCCHC checks to eligible individuals in Australia.

How does my online check work?

Getting your Nationally Coordinated Criminal History Check underway is easy, here’s how:

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Elite Screening Australia?

Elite Screening Australia is an Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission (ACIC) accredited agency. Our systems are connected to the department of immigration’s Visa Entitlement, so you can quickly obtain accredited police, visa and right to work checks.

How much does an Elite Screening Australia Volunteer Police Check cost?

An Elite Screening Australia Nationally Coordinated Criminal History Check is remarkably cost-effective. Without leaving home, printing a single piece of paper or paying for postage, you can get a full Police Check securely emailed to you as soon as we receive the result.^

All checks include GST:

National Polce Check – $43.50

Volunteer Police Check – $23.50

When can a Volunteer Police Check be requested?

A Volunteer Police Check can be requested if the applicant will:

  • freely hold the position or perform the role on a voluntary basis for the common good not be an employee or contractor.
  • not be entitled to a salary or any other entitlements associated with the position or role, other than payment of out-of-pocket expenses
  • or the applicant is a student undertaking a compulsory unpaid vocational placement as part of a training course requirement of an Australian based educational institution.

An applicant should be able to provide evidence about the role they are applying for to ensure that they are entitled to a volunteer check.

Checks submitted for personal probity reasons where a person must provide a check to represent themselves. as a fit and proper person are not generally considered a volunteer.

What does not qualify as a Volunteer Police Check?

Non-employment reasons that do not meet the Volunteer check type include:

any Work for the Dole Schemes

  • social media participation reasons
  • insurance related purposes or to support business that operate on private premises.
  • placing an Au Pair or overseas students in a family home
  • participation in television productions
  • family day care providers (operating on a commercial basis) who require checks for any residents on the premises where in-home care is being provided to children.

Although in these instances the individuals are not seeking employment, they do receive personal benefits, payments or entitlements as a result of the activity that they are undertaking, and/or they are not undertaking an activity which enhances or extends benefit to the community at large.

To clarify use of the this check type please contact us.

Where can I find more information?

If you run a business and are looking to partner with Elite Screening Australia, please contact our business team.

If you are an individual, please be sure to see our comprehensive FAQs page here


Volunteer Checks in Australia

Volunteer Checks Australia-wide

All Volunteers that work in government-funded or supported aged-care facilities are currently required to have a police check every three years.

Volunteer Checks in VIC

As noted above Volunteer Police Checks may be required for individuals volunteering in a government-funded aged care organisation.

Working With Children Checks are mandatory for Volunteers coming into contact with children in Victoria. The Victorian Working With Children Check is valid for five years and is designed to be transferable between organisations in Victoria.

Volunteer Checks in NSW

Volunteers in New South Wales are required by law to obtain a Police Check where they work in the aged-care field, however they are not able to get a Working With Children Check.

In cases where Volunteers will be working with children they are required to sign a “Prohibited Employment Declaration” form confirming that they have not been involved in or convicted of offences relating to children. In NSW it is the responsibility of the employer to provide this form, and it is an offence to engage anyone in paid or Volunteer capacity without it.

Volunteer Checks in QLD

As in all states and territories, Police Checks are mandatory for Volunteers who work in Government-funded aged care organisations in Queensland.

Where Volunteers come into contact with children they are also required to obtain a Working With Children Check known as a “Blue Card”. The Blue Card System requires a National Police Check and consideration of any disciplinary information held by professional organisations. The System monitors criminal histories in an ongoing fashion and reports these to employers. The Blue Card is conveniently designed to be transferred between organisations and is valid for two years.

Volunteer Checks in SA

As above, Volunteer Police Checks are mandatory for anyone working in an aged-care facility supported or funded by the Commonwealth Government, and are also mandatory for anyone coming into contact with children in their employment.

In South Australia it is an employer’s responsibility to ensure that Police Checks are obtained for employees working with “vulnerable” populations (among other areas).

Free Volunteer Police Checks may be provided in South Australia where the organisation they volunteer for meets specific criteria (ie they are not-for-profit organisations that work daily with “vulnerable” populations). These organisations are provided with a special Volunteer Organisation Authorisation Number (VOAN) which enables Volunteer Checks to be provided for free by the SA Government.

More information can be found on the SA Police website. Note, however that the SA Government does not meet the cost for paid Volunteers in these organisations.

Volunteer Checks in WA

As per other states it is mandatory to get a Volunteer Check in Western Australia where a Volunteer works in aged care.

Working With Children Checks are also mandatory where individuals volunteer in child-related work (though on occasion exemptions apply, such as where parents volunteer in activities where their children are also involved). Working With Children Checks must be made in person at Australia Post outlets in WA.

Note that if a Volunteer requires both a Police Check and Working With Children Check, a free Police Check will be provided where evidence can be provided of an application for a Working With Children Check.

Volunteer Checks in TAS

For Volunteers in Tasmania there is currently no legislation requiring people working with children to obtain a Police Check.

Despite this, organisations who employ Volunteers often have their own policies as part of individual risk management practices.

Volunteer Checks in NT

Volunteer Police Checks are mandatory in the Northern Territory where individuals work in the aged-care field.

In March 2011 it became mandatory for Volunteers who may come into contact with children to have a Working With Children Clearance Notice and an “Ochre Card”.

Volunteer Checks in ACT

Whilst Volunteers in the Australian Capital Territory are not legally required to complete a Police Check or Working With Children Check, government services are required to employ “fit and proper” people.

Whilst Volunteers in the Australian Capital Territory are not legally required to complete a Police Check or Working With Children Check, government services are required to employ “fit and proper” people.

This has been interpreted by most organisations as a requirement to obtain a Police Check, and most organisations request this as part of their own risk management procedures.

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